About Us

Prospect Five started as an idea in 2022 and became an official LLC on Oct 30th, 2023. We're located in Hutchinson, MN and are working to expand our customer base. If you're a Small-to-Midsize Business in need of a fresh website, please consider us!

The web has come quite a long way in the past several years, and many existing Web Agencies haven't caught up yet. Prospect Five is unique in this space because we do things differently. We choose new web technology to our build websites rather than the industry default, WordPress. The technologies we choose allow us to offer faster, more customizable, and more affordable websites.

Meet the Team


Brandon Shore - Owner / Lead Engineer

Brandon has been working in the Tech Industry since 2016 and has honed his skills on-the-job and in his free time. He is always on the lookout for new and promising technologies and eager to learn and grow as an engineer. Brandon started Prospect Five to offer this expertise to business owners in need of website work.


Susan Nagy - Front End and Design Engineer

Susan has worked in the Tech Industry from 2015 in the Twin Cities area and remotely since 2020. She has a strong love for helping the growth of small businesses, the backbone of this country. Her Design knowledge gathered over the years helps us combine aesthetics and technology towards practicality and results.


Coco - Data Analyst

Introducing Coco, our Data Analyst extraordinaire since 2020! With a keen nose for detail, Coco plays a vital role in our development department, leveraging analytics and data to drive our success. An invaluable member of the team, Coco ensures we never miss a beat in our pursuit of excellence. 🐾


Osiris and Luna - Team Mascots

Meet Luna and Osiris, our purr-fect team mascots! With boundless charm and playful antics, they inspire curiosity, agility, and plenty of whisker-twitching fun in our workspace. Whether lounging in sunspots or playfully batting at imaginary foes, Luna and Osiris epitomize the spirit of teamwork and camaraderie that defines our culture. 🐾